Hi! I'm
Sole Machado
A picture of me presenting a scientific monologue in a museum. I'm smiling. 
      I'm wearing jeans, a blue T-shirt and a black cardigan. My hair is brown and pink.

I have a BSc in Chemistry and a passion for science communication. I'm a recent graduate from the Masters of Science Communication program at Laurentian University (Canada). I'm part of incredible teams of dedicated people who work hard to share science in different ways and to different audiences. My favorite thing in the world is to see the look in someone's face when they get a scientific concept (second best are color-changing reactions, that's real life VFX!!).

I discovered science communication in 2007, when I wandered into the crazy, wonderful world of Química d+ (an outreach program in the School of Chemistry). Fast forward to 2015, I met people who love to talk about science as much as I do, so we created Bardo Científico, a modern take on the age-old bards. We use tools from theatre, storytelling and stand-up comedy to tell stories about science that engage audiences of all ages. In 2018, I started Gusto a Ciencia, a science festival that takes place in bars. In 2019, I led Proyecto 118, a Sci+Art project.

I love to learn, so I'm constantly looking for new skills to try. I taught myself how to code so I could build websites that looked just the way I wanted (like this one). I learned how to edit audio and created my own podcast. I also taught myself how to knit and bind books. Thanks, YouTube tutorials!.

I love to travel, especially through stories. In my free time I read (books, articles, and my twitter feed), watch movies and listen to podcasts. Most of the time those three things are about science, how to communicate it effectively and and how to make it more inclusive.

And here is a secret, just between you and me, look what happens when you type "cuter!" into this window.

Bardo Científico

Química d+

Gusto a Ciencia

Proyecto 118



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Master of Science Communication